Transport Services in Mumbai


Leo India Car Transport Service Mumbai is a highly accomplished transportation company providing robust car shipping services to a different location in a safe and timely way. The Car is just a vehicle, but is like your family member, love, affection and memories are attached to it, which makes it precious. The main concern is to deliver the car in its original condition without any scratch or dent, which requires adequate safety measures and planned strategy. The safety measure includes:

Safety locks and chains– The locks and the chains are used for the positioning and the repositioning of the car. The frequent movement during shipping can cause mild damage to the vehicles and these safety measures keep the vehicle intact on the same position.

Wheel stopper- The Wheel Stopper stops the car wheels from forward or backward. Sometimes due to improper roads the car wheels can make the wavered movement, the stopper fixes the car on its alignment.

Hydraulic ramp– The hydraulic ramps are used to load and unload the vehicle on the trailer or the trucks. They are reliable and ensure complete safety of vehicles with the use of the modern technology. They are robust in nature and is widely demanded by the customers for the relocation purpose.

Special seat covers- The special seat covers are used to prevent the seat from the normal wear and tear, which includes cuts, holes, etc, and make the seats look complete new.

We are equipped with a fleet of various customized car carriers and are large in number. To make the moving smoothest, we use our local packers and movers service to pick your car from your residence and load it on the trucks or trailers. The transports are GPS embedded to track the location of the vehicle and the status of the delivery at any point of time.

Leo India believes in commitment, dedication and quality carriage services to its customers and earning its loyalty and trust. Money is our last priority and the only reason we provide all our services at an affordable price, not enhancing the customer worries at all.

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