Packers and Movers in Ghansoli

Not everything can be packed in bags and not everything can be transported in family cars. People with Do It Yourself attitude should understand that packing and moving goods require technical skills, material, training and planning.

Leo India offers the best packing and moving service at the most affordable price. We plan moves and our job is to make removal convenient and hassle free affair. The move starts with understanding needs and planning removal.

Let’s explain our process

The process starts with receiving request for removal. Clients ask for quotations for their removals. We get removal requests from families who want to relocate their homes and also we have entrepreneurs who move their offices from one place to another.

Quotation: It is the price we charge for service and the service includes packing, moving and unpacking. Our service charge is competitive and we have no hidden taxes added to the price. Quotation provided includes taxes and it is the final price charged for service.

For quotation, we need details of the goods to be packed and moved and distance to be covered. We calculate service charges by adding labor charges with cost of material and rent of vehicle. We have a team of skilled and experienced packers and also we own a fleet of trucks and pickup vans for moving goods.

Removal day: A day and time is set for removal. Here it is necessary to mention that we’ve no say in setting day and time as removal is done on request and day and time is determined by the clients. Our teams reach venue on time and start the removal process.

Our packers and movers in Ghansoli need no direction or instructions from clients or managers as they come prepared to pack the goods surveyed. We ask for details for the goods to be packed and moved so that we can come prepared to move those goods. Since we’re prepared, we lose no time in packing and moving.

The process concludes when the goods are packed in boxes and the boxes are packed on trucks or pickup vans. With each box labeled to recognize its contents, our clients face no hassle in locating their belongings. When every packed box is loaded on the truck/van, the team is asked to move by the central office.