Packers and Movers in Thane

Welcome to Leo India packers and movers Thane, the appraised and reputed relocation service provider offering world class packers and movers service in Thane.  Awards, milestones, tabloid headlines aren’t our priority, neither we boast about us being an old warhorse in relocation sector. Our only goal is customer satisfaction, his loyalty and his faith on us, which act as a fuel to run our motivation forward.

There is no friction between customer and us and we move shoulder to shoulder, proper care and safety of belonging is the point, where we both sync. Our motto becomes the same and customer treat us like the part of the family. Our habit, not only strengthens the bonding, but gives an upper hand over our competitors

Commerce says “Demand decides the supply “, customer seeks for affordability, quality, time efficiency, wide range of services and safety, his loop revolves around these five objects. We lay great emphasis on fulfilling these five criteria by holding hands of advanced technology, well tuned resources, highly skilled labor and quality packaging services. Let’s unfurl the types of services we provide:-

Residential moving- It involves moving of household goods to the different location safely. The quality of packaging material used is of high quality and the transports availed are specially designed fully shaded carriers.

Commercial moving- This type of moving includes plant and machinery removal, hospital and university relocation, fitness center relocation, vault removal, etc. Heavy and spaced transports are used for the transfer of goods under complete security measures. The quality of packaging material is supreme and long lasting.

Car Shipping- This service includes transportation of car, trucks, vans and other carriers with in the country or internationally. The migration is done through ships in a safe condition and in a specified deadline.

Warehousing- Warehousing includes storage of goods for a short period of time with a huge storage capacity. The service is offered for wide range of goods such as industrial, agricultural goods, etc. We understand the key points customer keeps in mind before hiring any packers and movers services and full all those requirements, which includes:-

Safety- We consider moving customer’s belonging safely as our topmost duty. Our safety concern reflects during the whole process of relocation such as reliable packaging material, use of equipment for loading of goods, safe transportation, etc.

Affordability- We understand the customer concern regarding prices due to the rising inflation and offer affordable relocation services to them. Money is not our criteria, but earning customer trust and long term relationship are.

Experience- Customer always wants to hand over the goods to the experienced packers and movers in Thane because experience is a caboodle of responsibility, promptness, trust and zeal to heighten their standard of service.

Material used for packaging- The quality of material used for the packaging of goods is fabric sheets, gun sacks, wooden carton, bubble fittings, thermocol , cardboard boxes, packaging tape, etc. Different packaging is done for different goods depending on the weight and the size of the goods. They material are reliable and can prevent the goods from any sort of damage in case of any accident.

Transportation services- Transportation plays a major role in the delivery of the goods. We use fully shaded, GPS embedded carriers for the movement of goods. We have a fleet of various sized vehicles for different types of relocation services. The prime transports used are trucks, vans, tempo and other vehicles.

Network- We have a wide network spread all cross India even in the rural areas, which makes the relocation process easy and affordable. Our offices are situated are situated in the prime locations of the different cities for the convenience of the consumers.