Which movers are the best furniture packers in Mumbai?

October 14 2016
Movers and Packers in Mumbai

Buying new furniture is exciting but transporting it to home is a hassle.Chances are that you could break a corner or scratch smooth surface while packing and moving furniture. Thank God there are movers that provide furniture moving service. But not all packers are reliable. In Mumbai, there are many furniture moving companies but you have to shop around to find the most reliable service provider.

My first experience with furniture moving companies wasn’t good as I wasn’t assured safe transportation of my goods but luckily it was safe. I learnt some lessons from that experience.

  • Packing is the most important part of furniture moving
  • Trucks and pickups used for furniture transportation must be equipped for furniture loading
  • The moving team must have training in handling bulky and off-dimensional furniture pieces

You can’t use one type of packing material to pack different type of furniture pieces. For instance, take corners that are needed for furniture pieces with sharp corners. Selection for packing material is done by movers but some packers try saving money in packing material. It isn’t difficult to find a moving company in Mumbai but for locating a reliable service provider, you need considering some factors. Furniture moving should be offered as an exclusive service.

The worst thing a moving company can do is to outsource is job to small-time movers that work in close association with big service providers. These small-time service providers work with outdated tools and the reuse packing material again and again. Also they don’t have trained packing and moving staff.

Good thing about movers is that they work online but it is difficult to determine reliable of packers from their sites. Visiting moving companies in Mumbai is an ideal way to determine their reliability but it could be time consuming. Ideally you should consider all the factors from services provided to moving process and to price to make an opinion a service provider.


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