Preparations Before Informing Packers and Movers in Mira road

August 12 2016
packers and movers in Mira road

During relocation, the major concerns are safety of goods and time consumption, but you can take some time off and package the small and medium goods effectively and leave the bigger ones like refrigerator, furniture, LCD, etc  for packers and movers in Mira road. We will discuss the importance of initial packing of household goods and the way to do it. Quality packaging is the biggest priority for safely moving the goods to a new destination, and what better if you package most of the goods by yourself. What you lack are the packaging tricks used by the relocation services.

Pack unbreakable items by yourself

Unbreakable items such as clothes, books, shoes, etc are non fragile in nature. They can be easily packed in a cardboard box with a minimum risk of damage. This will not only save your paramount time and effort, but also the money.

Pack replaceable goods by yourself

Replaceable goods are the most non important products because they can be exchanged. These goods are plates, crockery and kitchenware items. They are fragile in nature, pack it in any cardboard box and fix it tape.

Use small boxes for packing heavy items

Although heavy items must be packed by the packers and movers in Mira road, but you can try your hands too. Don’t put too many heavy items in a wooden carton as it will create problems while lifting and loading. Use small boxes for heavy items, which are easily able to lift due to its size.

Don’t even try to pack dangerous items

Don’t try to pack dangerous, highly inflammable items like petrol, oil lamps, and gas items, etc as packers and movers aren’t allowed to move these types of goods as per the guidelines.

Do some initial packing by yourself

Pack all the fragile and replaceable items with air bubbles, blanket, pillows, sheet, newspapers, etc. Wrap the goods with high quality of material and mask the wooden carton with tape for safety.

Select the right boxes for packing of goods

Choosing the right box for the goods is necessary, they must have enough space to pack your goods. The box can vary in terms of shape and size and robustness. You should strong wooden carton for heavy goods, while cardboard is sufficient for smaller goods like clothes, shoes, etc.

And at last, but not the least, after all the initial packing call the packers and movers in Mira road to pack heavy goods like furniture, TV, refrigerator and other appliances and move the goods safely.

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