My Experience on Packers and Movers Services in Mumbai

November 16 2016
Packers and Movers in Mumbai

Sometimes I am in a state of dilemma, whether facilities and technology has made us impatient, non social and selfish or has made our life smooth and advanced. In the old times, the services were only availed in case of emergency, families were big moral and physical support. In the sand of time, the family divided into smaller families called nuclear families and mushroomed to various parts of the country. I have seen my joint family divided into various small nuclear families due to migration in jobs or better business opportunities.

We lived in a small town in Maharashtra, but due to lack of opportunities I along with my wife migrated to Mumbai, but the process of migration is interesting. We were embedded with the bulk of household goods, which was almost impossible to carry with our self. So we decided to avail packers and mover’s service, now the point to be noted is that there aren’t many relocation service providers in my town, but were amused to find one and that too highly reputed, at least, that is what the customer feedback suggests.

There was a packer and movers service named Leo India, which helped me in transferring my goods in Mumbai through a well planned systematic process. They assured me about the safety of the goods. All I did is got in touch with them and after few hours they sent their representative to assess the quantity and quality of goods and provided me an estimated bill. After my consent, the packers and movers team arrived at my home with planning and gathered my goods in no span of time.

They packaged my goods with materials such as waterproof sheets, wooden cartons, cardboard boxes, gun sacks, air bubble fittings and thermocol. I was satisfied with the packing process and alter on all my loaded on the vehicle through lifting machines, which was something new in our town and delivered the goods in Mumbai within the stipulated deadline. After seeing such an smart and fast service, I would say that packers and movers are the future of transportation of goods. They were so polite and cooperative that it didn’t feel they are strangers and behaved like a part of the family.

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