How to search packers and movers in Andheri?

October 06 2016

Relocation has never been an easy affair especially for a busy executive like me. My transferable job doesn’t allow me to settle down and also I have to keep my goods ready-to-move. For removal, I rely on packers that are professionals. The movers pack goods safely in appropriate size boxes for safe transportation and there are many packing and moving companies in Andheri.

But my experience with most companies isn’t satisfactory. Every time I have to relocated, I have to find a new company for packing and moving my goods. Finding a reliable service provider is more difficult than relocation itself. Then suddenly I met my present service provider and the company impressed me with its work. The packing and moving team is well trained and they come fully equipped with packing material and tools.

Every day I see new packers setting shops and also there are established movers that are also offering affordable services in Andheri. But in my opinion, most companies share their jobs for convenience. Before meeting my present service provider, I used to call different moving companies for relocation and I learnt that most companies aren’t ready for the job. They are already stretched and preoccupied to take new tasks.

My experience says that most companies handpick jobs for convenience and also for making quick profit. Since relocation is a big business, they keep getting work through their business connections with realtors. But not all companies are alike as some companies are able to provide quick service on short notice and also they have the manpower and equipment needed for packing and moving bulky goods.

I suggest that, you should first consider experience of the packer before making an opinion on his service. Also compare price quoted by the mover with others in Andheri. This is how, I found my current service provider.


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