Factual Truth about Packers and Movers in Navi Mumbai

November 08 2016
packers and movers in Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai is a place situated on the west coast of Maharashtra, widely famous for its industrial and corporate infrastructure. The viewers must be thinking, why so much emphasis on Navi Mumbai, the Wikipedia is already available. Well, the idea behind writing this blog is sharing my personal experience of using the packers and movers service. There are many myths about the relocation service such as being expensive, no guarantee on safety of goods and they also mentioned this clause in the agreement and don’t deliver the goods on time, etc.

Well, that is not the case, the packers and movers are extremely professional, competitive and offer quality relocation services at an affordable price. I cannot boast on every relocation service provider behalf, but would like to share one name at least. For any kind of relocation I prefer Leo India, they are experienced, reliable, offer advanced technology and updated resources, insurance clause in case of damage, time efficient, sends a team of highly professional laborers and are affordable.

But, it is mandatory to explain the whole process of relocation from the scratch. It is about arrangement, packaging, loading, transportation and rearrangement of goods and above all the assessment of goods and providing estimated bill before the delivery. Let’s elaborate a bit, the company sends a representative to the house for having a brief look at the good’s condition, discusses the demands and requirement of the customer, whether he is looking for customized of full fledged service.

After that the packers and movers visit your house and help you in gathering the goods and distinguish them according the weight and the size and then package them differently with different packaging materials. The material used for the packaging is waterproof sheets, cardboard boxes, gun sacks, wooden carton, air bubble fittings, etc.

The goods are loaded by either lifting machines or highly skilled labor in a safe way. Later on the transports equipped with adequate safety measures deliver your goods on the new location. The laborers help you in arranging the goods depart to seek their new task. So don’t go by the myths, judge the service with the facts.

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